Turning Chaos into Calm, One Scented Flame at a Time!




  • Unique Designs

    Every marble candle has a different marbled design making them unique and feel personalized. Our candles are hand-poured with love in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Burn times

    Snack Packs 15-20 hours

    Marble Collection 40-45 hours

    Zen Collection 35-40 hours.

  • Magical Scents

    Our highly scented candles have the power to transform your space. Our candles consistently deliver a delightful scent, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable experience each time it's lit.

Moms deserve self-care too!

Self-care for moms is like a timeout from the chaos of motherhood. Managing the daily roles of chef, chauffeur, therapist, referee and so much more can be overwhelming. That is why self-care is so important. Lighting one of our candles is like a mini vacation where stress takes a backseat, tiredness gets the boot, and moms get a well-deserved breather. So, to all the moms out there, treat yourself to some self-care – it's not a luxury, it's a necessity in the unpredictable adventures of motherhood.