What kind of wax do you use for your candles?

     We use a custom blend of soy and paraffin wax. If you prefer a vegan option, our wax melt crumble/wax melts are 100 % soy wax.

Do you offer custom or bulk orders?

     We offer custom scent and color combinations upon request.  We are open to bulk orders.  Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.

Why does my candle look frosty?

     If you see a space between the wax and the glass, this is called frosting.  It is a natural characteristic of wax.  This happens when candles are exposed to temperature changes during shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather.  Frosting will not affect how your candles performs.

What is your return policy?

     We do not currently accept any returns or issue a refund.  If your item is damaged or lost during transit, please contact us so we can send a replacement and file a claim.

 Email Mommymeltdownscandleco@gmail.com with any questions

Thank you!